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Before it fades to white

6 - 30 April 2023

Before it fades to white_Poster.png

About the Exhibition // 關於展覽


1. 意識到將失去事物的身體反應。身體和意識會隨著時間和認知,消化對事件的強烈在意。

The physical reaction of realizing that one is losing something. With time and cognition, the body and consciousness will digest the intense attention to the loss.


2. 在意程度的遞減,與你意識到這種遞減的無可奈何。

The diminishing level of attention to the loss and your recognition of the inevitability of this diminishing.


3. 終將消逝的事物,會永久保留在記錄的瞬間。

What will eventually fade away will remain permanently in the moment when it is being documented.





繪畫時下筆的力度和線條的律動,嘗試再現內心澎拜的時刻;而繪畫的結果作為一種靜態影像(still image)呈現,如同將記憶中那些模糊的輪廓再度浮現於前。





The exhibition captures the transient moments that have shaken the heart. The works are divided into two parts:


1/ The distance between oneself and the memory

Seeking the moments that have touched the inner feelings from memory, realizing the physical and psychological state of oneself at that time, and documenting them with paintings again.

The intensity of the strokes and the rhythm of the lines in the painting attempt to recreate the agitated moments; the result of the painting is presented as a still image as if bringing back the blurred outlines of the memory to the front.


2/ Vanishing Landscape

The new construction has changed the scenery outside the windows of my home and studio. By documenting, capturing and creating, the works witness the passage of time and the fading of memory.

✦ Chasing the Moon


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel,

spray on paper

53 x 36 cm

​ 2023

✦ Return minibus ride


Oil, charcoal, pencil, soft pastel on paper

53 x 36 cm

​ 2023

20230416 - Yuk-54.jpg

✦ Man in the wave


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil,

soft pastel on paper

53 x 36 cm

​ 2023

✦ The unreachable room


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel on paper

53 x 36 cm

​ 2023

✦ Ceaseless nightmare


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel on canvas

90 x 120 cm

​ 2023

✦ The last touch


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel on canvas

91 x 122 cm

​ 2023

✦ The moment when it clicks


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel on canvas

80 x 80 cm

​ 2023

✦ About losing the view


Television installation, Single channel video (14'46")

​Size variable

​ 2023

✦ The Mountain


Mezzotint, booklet

16.2 x 10.8 cm (a set of 2)

​14.8 x 21 cm (booklet)

​ 2023

✦ Studio view (Former Kai Tak Airport)


Live video

​ 2023

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