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Those Gazing Men


Chinese Ink on Chinese Paper, Step Platform

285 x 179 cm, 2018

The male gaze is an ordinary action, and the subsequent interpretation depends on how the individual perceives and feels.

Sight and insight, gaze and interpretation, are the primary elements in this work: the men being painted staring at the audiences; the audiences would look toward them.

Since it is impossible to fully understand the true meaning of the other person's eyes, what is certain is the emotions and feelings generated by the person being looked at, which is beyond question.

The subject in the painting is not just a carrier of one gender or the opposite of another, but also a symbolic representation of a generation of people who are aging. Therefore, this work contains the contradictory emotions of the artist's uneasiness about "Uncle's" eyes and the compassion for the aging of life.

男性的凝視是一個直接行為,而往後的詮釋則在於個體如何詮釋和感受。 注視與目光、眼神與詮釋,是作品中的重點元素:被畫者望向畫面外、觀眾望向被畫者。 各人的觀看方式和所經歷的體會不同,因此面對他者的眼神,也會有各異的理解。既然 無法完全代入他者,了解他者眼神的真正意味,能夠肯定的就是被看者所產生的情緒和感 覺,那是難以受質疑的。 而畫中被繪對象不僅是作為某性別或相對於另一性別的載體,在表徵上更展現了一代正在 衰老的人們。因此本作品包含了的是畫者對「阿叔」的眼神所產生不安,以及對生命終要 衰老的憐憫之矛盾情感。

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